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VEGETALCREM με λάδι ελιάς 200ml

VEGETALCREM with olive oil 200ml

Vegetable cooking cream with olive oil. Buttermilk, water, non-hydrogenated vegetable fat (coco fat 8.8%), olive oil (2.2%), modified starches, lactose, milk proteins, glucose syrup, flavourings, thickeners: guar seed flour, xanthan gum.


Package weight: 9gr
Net weight e: 200ml
Nutrition: energy: 580kJ/140kcal, fat: 11g, of which saturated:4,7g, carbs: 7,8g, of which sugar: 4,8g, proteins: 2,4g, dietary fibre: 0,1g, Cholesterol: 3mg, salt: 0,20g
Pieces of packaging: 24